28 May 2017

Unifying in the Field of Pure Consciousness ~ Sandra Walter ~ 27 May 2017

** Cosmic Stargates, or the interuniversal, intergalactic, interstellar, interplanetary electro-magnetic flows have many purposes. In this application of Ascension and a dimensional shift, they assist in opening gateways for timeline shifts and the splitting of holographic realities. These pathways are vibrationally encoded. 
As a collective, we may unlock these Gatewyas for all hearts aligned with Love. 
We are witnessing the results in Now-time
as this accelerated passage of the shift unfolds.      Sandra Walter **

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
I hold all of you in my heart as we collectively integrate this next level of Embodiment. The leaps and bounds occurring with Ascension are magnanimous. The pieces of this puzzle truly come together seamlessly, I admire all of us as co-creators of this new experience. Stabilization is key as the CME impact boosts the recent upgrades of the last Gateway.

During this week’s cosmic trigger, another click in the cosmic combination lock, many a refined heart was launched into a new experience of unification. Embodiment, which is necessary to achieve in order to balance Gaia’s grid systems as well as the Human heart grid, stepped forth as the primary experience for many Wayshowers.

Global Unity Field Bridging the Timelines
Timeline choices become very apparent as the Gateways present this year. Remember that Gateway passages are cosmic alignments, amplified by interuniversal pathways of pure Source-encoded Light since the opening in April. I AM confident you don’t need to hear how strong the Light feels any longer, let us explore what to do with it.

Aligning with these new pathways can be very complimentary to our Ascension process. Last weekend we connected the cosmic stargate pathways with the Unity Meditation field, and the results were well-timed as always.

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Weekly Ascension Meditation Reminder

Tom Kenyon's World Meditation's window is still open at this time. What a great time to carry out this weekly Ascension Meditation, against the background of geomagnetic storms and high Schumann Resonance activity!

See you soon :)

Details at the fb page, or at The Portal.

.....And Intense, Too....

Space Observing System
PS....I feel that all these spikes are flat-lining my brain function.....


Hathor World Meditation ~ Tom Kenyon ~ 27 / 28 May 2017

Postcard News
** Update: I'm reposting this as a reminder **

I've been reminded about this. Please participate if you can ~ there's a 24-hour window so it's very doable.

Tom Kenyon wrote about this in his previous update in March (seems like just a couple of weeks ago!). The time for the World Meditation is coming up in just a few days.

Here's a quick look at the time:
 The World Meditation will begin on 
Saturday, May 27th at 5:30pm East Coast Daylight Savings Time (DST),
which corresponds to Saturday, May 27th at 9:30pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
The creation of the meditation’s nexus point will end
at 6 pm East Coast DST or 10pm GMT.

If you haven't yet read Tom's article, please visit his website here.

His "Restoration" sound meditation is indeed helpful, and I'm actually listening to it right now!

Cobra: Galactic Super Wave / Event / First Contact ~ Disclosure News Italia ~ 27 May 2017

Please proceed to Disclosure News Italia for a much bigger image as well as text excerpts of Cobra interviews.

Energetic Overwhelm: The Era of the Heart Center ~ Vera Ingeborg ~ 27 May 2017

Vera Ingeborg has described something for which I didn't have words over the recent weeks, which made me vacillate between eating very little or over-eating what I didn't really want because of hunger:
 "We often crave food that does not seem to exist."

Source: Wake Up Experience

Wow – once again we feel a strong overwhelm of energies. It can get quite emotional in between, followed by huge fatigue and physical ailments. Yet, these energies feel much softer, than those related to solar flares or geomagnetic storms. We have troubles to see and feel what is real. Troubles to sleep although very tired, troubles to think, to plan and to take decisions. It is common to trip, bump into people or objects and feel out of balance, losing orientation. We often crave food that does not seem to exist. Welcome to the Era of the Heart Center and completely new energy waves coming in with it, that we have not experienced before.

On May 24, we have entered a new era – a new cycle of 26000 years. The cycle of the heart center. And oh wow, can we feel the energies shifting. The mind just often refuses to work and has difficulties to express what is going on. Memories are fading away and linear time seems to dissolve. Nothing seems real anymore as we move from moment to moment. We feel that we have lost our talents and gifts and that our intuition is not working as it used to. And we are very tired. Our system is completely overwhelmed with all these new energies, light codes and data coming in that needs to be processed. Just know that this is normal as we get accustomed to shifting completely into a heart centered living. Find your me-time and space. Connect to nature and like-hearted people.
“The brave first movers and carriers of the Divine Feminine codes are now fully anchoring in self-love and their power.”
The brave first movers and carriers of the Divine Feminine codes are now fully anchoring in self-love and their power. The last bits of doubt and fear are washed away and shown to her one more time. And all that says is: Time to let go. Let go of the past. Let go of what kept her busy and from moving fully into the fifth dimensional frequencies and reality. Once this shift happened, she is no longer afraid to share her truth and vulnerability with the world. She follows her heart and creates what she loves. She lives her life as she always wanted and is focusing on herself. She now is inspiring others to find their way into the fifth dimension, too. She no longer feels attached or obliged. She has now learned to set her energetic boundaries and is no longer compromising herself, no longer trying to be someone she is not just to fulfil an expectation. Instead, she is now showing her full authenticity and is speaking her truth. She is now sharing herself openly with the world and everyone who is ready to receive her wisdom and unconditional love. She is no longer is afraid of being alone or of losing people that are dear to her.

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Unguarded Moment ~ Raphiem, Mission Ignition ~ 27 May 2017

Out of the blue (pun unintended), Raphiem has a new transmission ~ Part 1 of "Unguarded Moment" (which I assume is the Galactic Superwave / Cosmic Wave et al). I had just referred to his earlier transmissions (Blue Lament and Ascension Chronicles) two days ago, and now, after a break of almost 3 years, a new set of transmissions is here.

My suggestion in how best to read these transmissions is to not take them too literally, and most importantly, go with your Higher Guidance.

I will post this one in full (and with unedited format) for reference purposes, but please go directly to Mission Ignition to read this new transmission and other details.

Source: Mission Ignition

--- 2017.05.27 --- 

I rise up and out over my sleeping body, slowly drifting up into the roof cavity where resides my astral portal which is a dimly lit cave. 

As always my Blue astral friend is there to greet me and to share a lament or add to the chronicles. This time she is sitting around a camp fire in the middle of the cave except that it is not a fire but a blue glowing molten crystal like rock. 

Here in the astral, time moves differently. A few minutes can feel like hours or a few days can take only a minute. She beckons me to come sit by her side to which I oblige. 

She then says;
I was with you before your conception
We played together in your mother's womb, held your hand at birth
Sat many a night at the end of your bed watching you sleep
When physical death was near upon your doorstep
Guided you back for re-entry and re-birth 

I now must leave as our mission here is almost done
Though it shall not occur for another 4-billion years in your timing
However in our astral timing the Andromeda galaxy
Has begun to collide with y/our Milky Way

Let it be known that this cosmic event is the precursor
To all that we have lamented and chronicled
The "Unguarded Moment"
(see Blue Laments and Ascension Blue Chronicles) 

The burst of energy and light to be released from this cosmic astral event
Shall ripple through all time-space, dimensions and densities
No-thing shall be left untouched or unloved by it and
ALL shall be blessed in some shape, form or measure

And so it is we must now prepare for our departure
The engines of creation have been re-ignited
As we ready the wings of light for travel

From your future, let us lament once more;
Ever seeking creations arrow
We begin no past where a future has ended
No ascension finds us where descension has left us
And no space contains us where time has touched us

You shall not realise the true essence of your nature
Until you have fallen unto the depths of darkness

No matter how much you fragment and separate yourselves
Like particles within particles no matter how infinitely small
All you shall find is You/Yourselves looking back in the mirror 

In spirit, You, beloved human are infinite and neither the
Archons nor Angels can reach the end of your limits

Countless universes seen and unseen are hidden within You
Endless universes that shall forever be compelled by the
Wheels of time for you to explore within Your dreams 

As we journey across oceans of light
We are drawn back to your central sun's blue flame
Forever connecting us together through time and space
We lament the moment of our separation

In a time before time we departed these realms of matter
Forever escaping the radiation of gravity's reach

Our hearts ached as we sped away on the wings of ultraviolet blue light
In our trail we witnessed a universal rift, a fall from grace

We reached out to you to take the hands of light
For a moment that became eternity, you hesitated, pulled away
And time and space slip-streamed ever between us

We could not fathom why you pulled away, chose to stay
Your mission to be the bridge between spirit and matter

Children of the Earth, riders of the waves
We have stood upon your shores
Listened to her oceans roar

We drank from the flowing river of her tears
Felt her quiver as she trembled with fear

Our daughter (Earth) needs to heal her spine
Realign and shift back upon her axis before rebirth
In preparation to receive and transcode divine light
Likened to an antenna tilted and pointed
In direction to pick up the TV/radio signals clearly

Above and below war shall become upon you
The silvery shadows shall make their last and final move
Nation, race, religion, blood, spirit, ego 

Infinite Creation we await your signal (heart-pulse)
We are poised, ever patient, hidden, silent and waiting
A cluster of supernova's (hyper-wave) shall transmute
Upon your signal we shall ignite the etherium with divine light

Earth shall break her waters and ignite the ring of fire
She shall labour with tempic dilations and contractions
The core of her molten heart shall overflow with pure love
No country, nation or race shall remain untouched 

All nations shall come to a standstill and shall be humbled
All that is unseen shall be seen, veils shall no longer separate
For shadows with silver tongues and false angels shall burn
And dark archons shall be revealed for who they truly are

We shall arrive from within her womb upon a wave of pulsing light
Drawing atoms and molecules into our light fields
We shall seek out those who have grown and unfolded
Along the vibrational patterns of triple light harmonics

We shall fly low over Earth's surface,
Passing over her oceans and great lakes
Rising over her breasts, her mountains tops
Seeking a landing base, her Heart
Splashing down on her warm eternal shores
Coming to rest upon her lush lavender fields
Our mission to re-ignite your field of dreams

Children of the Earth
You are to be born angels of destiny
The bridge between matter and spirit
A reflection of divinity

Hear our prayers, Heal our Daughter
Release humanity from enslaved bondage
Free them from their oppressors

Lift the veils that have clouded their souls
Remove the chains from their hearts
For only then can they begin to dream again

Earth is beautiful blue, until another time, another place
Where silence and peace shall speak as loud as war once did 

to be continued 


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