23 April 2018

US government accidentally sends a strange conspiracy theory file describing 'remote mind control' and 'forced memory blanking' ~ Mail Online

Thanks to Ian Kermit for posting this. The article referenced appeared in the Daily Mail:

Assuming this documentation is legitimate (and perhaps this "leak" wasn't accidental after all), it's interesting to note that some of these "symptoms" are identical to some Ascension symptoms, such as "artificial tinnitus", racing heart, overheating and itchiness.

This makes me think of scalar waves ~ they can be deadly when employed as weapons, or beneficial when used for healing purposes.

Pleiadian Energy ~ Celia Fenn ~ 22 April 2018

Source: Celia Fenn

As the Sun moves into Taurus it becomes a "prism" for the beautiful energies of the Pleiades, the Doves or Seven Sisters.

The Pleiadean energy helps us to evolve towards a New Earth that is Lemurian in nature, a paradise garden of pure water and green forests and gardens and loving abundance.

This energy is available to us now as we focus on manifesting the New Earth.

The Pleiadeans are standing by to help us to raise our consciousness to this level of New Earth frequency.

If you would like to know more you can join our 5/5 webinar series which will show you how to make the most of the Pleiadean light and the incoming Diamond Codes as you activate your own "Diamond Prism".


Ascension Conference Budapest: Part 1 ~ Steve Smaly

Came across this just a while ago, it's translated from Smaly's account at the Budapest Ascension Conference held last week. This isn't the approved report, but it gives an adequate sense of what occurred.

Smaly's write-up is here:

Here for the translation:

The following are excerpts from the translated version:
*When Sunday daughters of several nations hand in hand creating a Love Circle and they become one heart in the light of Goddesses energies - which had touched everyone in the room - whether they was aware or not - many people got tears...because some mighty love surprised the long-suffering and tired souls. Cobra said at the conference when it happened "This is the moment what he waited for his whole life" and something begins in history that was born here and now in Budapest. It was not coincidence that the Pleiades chose the place and the time. This was the first conference in the new timeline that overwrite all the previous ...
*If you go, you'll find partners. Cobra said, "I not need followers, I don´t want followers! I'm looking for co-workers! "
*Find Yourself, find your purpose for which you were born and fulfill this goal. Be honest with yourself, get up, at long last You decide about your life and do it what you should do or you should have done it. That's it.
*If you want save the Earth, if you want to do something for others, if you want to give meaning to your life, then you only have to save one person: YOURSELF! And not change others, make others like this or that...The most important law is the Law of Free Will. Until you can´t accept it and you don´t understand it, you can´t do anything and it will be useless for all your actions, words and wills.
*At last stand up, raise your head, you carry a divine quality, unworthy to you all that is causing you misery, pain and unhappiness!
*Don´t search your path in new religion or belief systems, don´t follow others! Be, who you are!!! Feel the words: I AM!

22 April 2018

Unified Geometric Theory of Biology ~ Wisdom Teaching with David Wilcock ~ S29:Ep2

Many thanks to Ke El for gifting this.

Please view here:

The geometric code which forms DNA and all of life begins to unfold as David Wilcock reveals a unified geometric theory of biology.

Ruminations are Over and the Multitudes Rejoice ~ Gaia Portal ~ 22 April 2018

Source: Gaia Portal

Ruminations are over and the multitudes rejoice.
Concretions are broken as the Light bears.
Formations of Rainbow BEings come to the fore.
Priors are released and healed.

On-Going Meditations & Astara Meditation

Here is the list of active meditations, from We Love Mass Meditations.

Please note that there is a new healing meditation called "Astara Meditation", in which you can add your name to the list for healing. Please check for details here. This is scheduled at 8pm UTC, but those in Asia can carry this out at 1pm UTC.

Also, there's the Weekly Ascension Meditation today!

Let's shine our Light bright :)

Global Unity Meditations 2-Year Anniversary ~ Sandra Walter ~ 21 April 2018

Sandra Walter's website is Creative Evoltion.

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~

Two-Year Anniversary of the Global Unity Meditations on Earth Day!

This SUNday marks two years of weekly Unity Meditations! For two years we have built this field of pure consciousness, connecting our multidimensional selves in Divine Service to the Ascension of all willing hearts.

Divine Service to the Ascension requires the consistent practice of Peace and Unified Intent

We continue to amplify Gaia and the HUman Heart Grid with infusions of peace, crystalline consciousness and Ascension. Participate in the SUNday Global Unity Meditations at 8:11am, 11:11am & 5:11pm Pacific Time.

Spread the word, this is our High-Vibe Tribe co-creation and they continue to expand our consciousness. Join us in co-creating highest outcomes for all concerned, amplifying the 5D Christed timelines, and enhancing your own experience of Ascension.

May all of Creation be blessed, renewed and purified into Divine Beingness by this Divine Light. Let us show HUmanity what is possible with Ascension.

Read this week's article online HERE

In Love, Light and Service,

21 April 2018

The Return to Wisdom as We Remember.... ~ Judith Kusel ~ 15 April 2018

Source: Judith Kusel

There were times when humanity sunk into the deepest of darkness, after the heights of Enlightenment had been reached.  Whereas the greatest of Epochs in the collective memory banks were filled with Gods and Goddesses, in truth these were the enlightened, and highly evolved Beings, those who lead humanity at such times, which is most remembered and was embroidered along as time went on.

There are many cultures or civilizations who existed on the planet, and still exist, where the history, the knowledge, that which was the ancient lore and wisdom, was orally related, and taught and those taught were not allowed to change one word, one sentence, one single syllable, vowel etc. of what was relayed.  This was in higher sense that all would be preserved for generations as it was, and not tampered with, misinterpreted, misunderstood, for human ego tends to change higher concepts, higher evolutionary states, into that which it understands, and has a concept of.  Most often great truths we misunderstood and then watered down into what the student understood of the original teachings.

As humanity fell from the higher states and sunk increasingly into the seas of forgetfulness, the Oral Tradition was a more of an emergency measure, than anything else.

We find this practice then, of the oral tradition (learning by heart and reciting, without changing one single word), in both the Celtic Druidic Tradition  (hence no written records) and reflected in the African and other ancient traditions.  In Africa, the current high Sanusi, Credo Mutwa, was severely persecuted by this own people in daring to write and record their oral tradition via his book “Indaba, my children.”  Indeed, his own son was literally burnt to death by an angry mop in Soweto, and Credo barely came out of the township alive.

However, what most human beings do not understand, that in the beginning when this planet was born and highly evolved races from other galaxies and star systems settled on this planet, they had no need for oral traditions, and no need for any recording devices as we know it.  (Please read my book “Why I was born in Africa: the previously unrecorded history of Elysium and the Lion Kingdom” and to be followed by the untold and previously unrecorded true history of Avalon)

They had no use to verbal nor written communication because of the following factors:
  1. All records and everything under the Central Sun is stored in vast ENERGY FIELDS, which is called the Super-Consciousness Energy fields.
  2. Each of the 12 Central Suns, has their own specific conscious energy fields, and each Central Sun operates then as a Source of ENLIGHTENMENT, Illumination, for what is stored within such a Super-Conscious Energy fields is constantly being updated and all is constantly recorded.
  3. There is nothing under the Great Central Sun which is not automatically recorded, taken note of, and stored. The only analogy which human beings would understand as vast Energy Libraries, or Hard Drives, which stores everything which exists in the whole of Creation.
  4. Each Galaxy and Star System and the systems within them belong to a certain Central Sun (ours belongs to the 7th Central Sun of Illumination, as recorded in my book). Each Galaxy and Solar System is a subdivision and thus each has their own Superconscious Energy Fields, which they can individually tap in.  In the beginning those on the planet could easily and effortlessly tap into these, via their own souls, and the sophisticated technology which they used, which automatically linked then into the same field, much like our laptops, cell phones etc. link to the Internet and thus has access to Search Engines, etc. and can communicate globally.
  5. The methods used to store information and energy into, were what has been remembered as Sun Discs, and although people look at the what later was created as Golden Sun Discs, these were but trying to reconstruct something that human kind collective remembered once existed, but by then had no access to anymore – or as a symbol of that which one could access, if one possessed the keys and codes of Enlightenment. A high degree of an Evolutionary state where one could remember how to access the information and retrieve it.
  6. The First Civilization did not use their vocal chords for speaking but they communicated telepathically – the human language was only given, after they fell from the 7th dimensional state to the 5th and then to plunged into the 3rd. When the latter happened after the Fall of Atlantis, they literally fell into the depths of Forgetfulness, and now could not communicate with each other in anyway.  They now had to use sound and their hands to communicate, and thus writing developed.
  7. In the Beginning the vocal chords where used for singing, for using sound as a way of raising the vibrations and frequencies, such as chanting, singing, and for healing purposes. The Light Language is a Universal Language of SYMBOLS, which can either be relayed via the vocal chords, or via sacred mathematics (numbers) and Sacred Geometry.
The Celtic Druids, and those of their Ilk, never wrote down their knowledge, because they had no need for doing so.  They belonged to a much older tradition, and a much older Source of Knowledge, which was millions of years older than the Celtic Tradition.  Indeed, they were but part of a pocket of Enlightened Mystery Schools, which had survived Atlantis.  With the Druidic and some of the Other Schools, they had retained this knowledge, in ways that we have forgotten about.

Please read on....