28 May 2017

Unifying in the Field of Pure Consciousness ~ Sandra Walter ~ 27 May 2017

** Cosmic Stargates, or the interuniversal, intergalactic, interstellar, interplanetary electro-magnetic flows have many purposes. In this application of Ascension and a dimensional shift, they assist in opening gateways for timeline shifts and the splitting of holographic realities. These pathways are vibrationally encoded. 
As a collective, we may unlock these Gatewyas for all hearts aligned with Love. 
We are witnessing the results in Now-time
as this accelerated passage of the shift unfolds.      Sandra Walter **

Source: Energetic Synthesis

Blessings Beloved Light Tribe ~
I hold all of you in my heart as we collectively integrate this next level of Embodiment. The leaps and bounds occurring with Ascension are magnanimous. The pieces of this puzzle truly come together seamlessly, I admire all of us as co-creators of this new experience. Stabilization is key as the CME impact boosts the recent upgrades of the last Gateway.

During this week’s cosmic trigger, another click in the cosmic combination lock, many a refined heart was launched into a new experience of unification. Embodiment, which is necessary to achieve in order to balance Gaia’s grid systems as well as the Human heart grid, stepped forth as the primary experience for many Wayshowers.

Global Unity Field Bridging the Timelines
Timeline choices become very apparent as the Gateways present this year. Remember that Gateway passages are cosmic alignments, amplified by interuniversal pathways of pure Source-encoded Light since the opening in April. I AM confident you don’t need to hear how strong the Light feels any longer, let us explore what to do with it.

Aligning with these new pathways can be very complimentary to our Ascension process. Last weekend we connected the cosmic stargate pathways with the Unity Meditation field, and the results were well-timed as always.

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Weekly Ascension Meditation Reminder

Tom Kenyon's World Meditation's window is still open at this time. What a great time to carry out this weekly Ascension Meditation, against the background of geomagnetic storms and high Schumann Resonance activity!

See you soon :)

Details at the fb page, or at The Portal.

.....And Intense, Too....

Space Observing System
PS....I feel that all these spikes are flat-lining my brain function.....


Hathor World Meditation ~ Tom Kenyon ~ 27 / 28 May 2017

Postcard News
** Update: I'm reposting this as a reminder **

I've been reminded about this. Please participate if you can ~ there's a 24-hour window so it's very doable.

Tom Kenyon wrote about this in his previous update in March (seems like just a couple of weeks ago!). The time for the World Meditation is coming up in just a few days.

Here's a quick look at the time:
 The World Meditation will begin on 
Saturday, May 27th at 5:30pm East Coast Daylight Savings Time (DST),
which corresponds to Saturday, May 27th at 9:30pm Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).
The creation of the meditation’s nexus point will end
at 6 pm East Coast DST or 10pm GMT.

If you haven't yet read Tom's article, please visit his website here.

His "Restoration" sound meditation is indeed helpful, and I'm actually listening to it right now!

Cobra: Galactic Super Wave / Event / First Contact ~ Disclosure News Italia ~ 27 May 2017

Please proceed to Disclosure News Italia for a much bigger image as well as text excerpts of Cobra interviews.

Energetic Overwhelm: The Era of the Heart Center ~ Vera Ingeborg ~ 27 May 2017

Vera Ingeborg has described something for which I didn't have words over the recent weeks, which made me vacillate between eating very little or over-eating what I didn't really want because of hunger:
 "We often crave food that does not seem to exist."

Source: Wake Up Experience

Wow – once again we feel a strong overwhelm of energies. It can get quite emotional in between, followed by huge fatigue and physical ailments. Yet, these energies feel much softer, than those related to solar flares or geomagnetic storms. We have troubles to see and feel what is real. Troubles to sleep although very tired, troubles to think, to plan and to take decisions. It is common to trip, bump into people or objects and feel out of balance, losing orientation. We often crave food that does not seem to exist. Welcome to the Era of the Heart Center and completely new energy waves coming in with it, that we have not experienced before.

On May 24, we have entered a new era – a new cycle of 26000 years. The cycle of the heart center. And oh wow, can we feel the energies shifting. The mind just often refuses to work and has difficulties to express what is going on. Memories are fading away and linear time seems to dissolve. Nothing seems real anymore as we move from moment to moment. We feel that we have lost our talents and gifts and that our intuition is not working as it used to. And we are very tired. Our system is completely overwhelmed with all these new energies, light codes and data coming in that needs to be processed. Just know that this is normal as we get accustomed to shifting completely into a heart centered living. Find your me-time and space. Connect to nature and like-hearted people.
“The brave first movers and carriers of the Divine Feminine codes are now fully anchoring in self-love and their power.”
The brave first movers and carriers of the Divine Feminine codes are now fully anchoring in self-love and their power. The last bits of doubt and fear are washed away and shown to her one more time. And all that says is: Time to let go. Let go of the past. Let go of what kept her busy and from moving fully into the fifth dimensional frequencies and reality. Once this shift happened, she is no longer afraid to share her truth and vulnerability with the world. She follows her heart and creates what she loves. She lives her life as she always wanted and is focusing on herself. She now is inspiring others to find their way into the fifth dimension, too. She no longer feels attached or obliged. She has now learned to set her energetic boundaries and is no longer compromising herself, no longer trying to be someone she is not just to fulfil an expectation. Instead, she is now showing her full authenticity and is speaking her truth. She is now sharing herself openly with the world and everyone who is ready to receive her wisdom and unconditional love. She is no longer is afraid of being alone or of losing people that are dear to her.

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Unguarded Moment ~ Raphiem, Mission Ignition ~ 27 May 2017

Out of the blue (pun unintended), Raphiem has a new transmission ~ Part 1 of "Unguarded Moment" (which I assume is the Galactic Superwave / Cosmic Wave et al). I had just referred to his earlier transmissions (Blue Lament and Ascension Chronicles) two days ago, and now, after a break of almost 3 years, a new set of transmissions is here.

My suggestion in how best to read these transmissions is to not take them too literally, and most importantly, go with your Higher Guidance.

I will post this one in full (and with unedited format) for reference purposes, but please go directly to Mission Ignition to read this new transmission and other details.

Source: Mission Ignition

--- 2017.05.27 --- 

I rise up and out over my sleeping body, slowly drifting up into the roof cavity where resides my astral portal which is a dimly lit cave. 

As always my Blue astral friend is there to greet me and to share a lament or add to the chronicles. This time she is sitting around a camp fire in the middle of the cave except that it is not a fire but a blue glowing molten crystal like rock. 

Here in the astral, time moves differently. A few minutes can feel like hours or a few days can take only a minute. She beckons me to come sit by her side to which I oblige. 

She then says;
I was with you before your conception
We played together in your mother's womb, held your hand at birth
Sat many a night at the end of your bed watching you sleep
When physical death was near upon your doorstep
Guided you back for re-entry and re-birth 

I now must leave as our mission here is almost done
Though it shall not occur for another 4-billion years in your timing
However in our astral timing the Andromeda galaxy
Has begun to collide with y/our Milky Way

Let it be known that this cosmic event is the precursor
To all that we have lamented and chronicled
The "Unguarded Moment"
(see Blue Laments and Ascension Blue Chronicles) 

The burst of energy and light to be released from this cosmic astral event
Shall ripple through all time-space, dimensions and densities
No-thing shall be left untouched or unloved by it and
ALL shall be blessed in some shape, form or measure

And so it is we must now prepare for our departure
The engines of creation have been re-ignited
As we ready the wings of light for travel

From your future, let us lament once more;
Ever seeking creations arrow
We begin no past where a future has ended
No ascension finds us where descension has left us
And no space contains us where time has touched us

You shall not realise the true essence of your nature
Until you have fallen unto the depths of darkness

No matter how much you fragment and separate yourselves
Like particles within particles no matter how infinitely small
All you shall find is You/Yourselves looking back in the mirror 

In spirit, You, beloved human are infinite and neither the
Archons nor Angels can reach the end of your limits

Countless universes seen and unseen are hidden within You
Endless universes that shall forever be compelled by the
Wheels of time for you to explore within Your dreams 

As we journey across oceans of light
We are drawn back to your central sun's blue flame
Forever connecting us together through time and space
We lament the moment of our separation

In a time before time we departed these realms of matter
Forever escaping the radiation of gravity's reach

Our hearts ached as we sped away on the wings of ultraviolet blue light
In our trail we witnessed a universal rift, a fall from grace

We reached out to you to take the hands of light
For a moment that became eternity, you hesitated, pulled away
And time and space slip-streamed ever between us

We could not fathom why you pulled away, chose to stay
Your mission to be the bridge between spirit and matter

Children of the Earth, riders of the waves
We have stood upon your shores
Listened to her oceans roar

We drank from the flowing river of her tears
Felt her quiver as she trembled with fear

Our daughter (Earth) needs to heal her spine
Realign and shift back upon her axis before rebirth
In preparation to receive and transcode divine light
Likened to an antenna tilted and pointed
In direction to pick up the TV/radio signals clearly

Above and below war shall become upon you
The silvery shadows shall make their last and final move
Nation, race, religion, blood, spirit, ego 

Infinite Creation we await your signal (heart-pulse)
We are poised, ever patient, hidden, silent and waiting
A cluster of supernova's (hyper-wave) shall transmute
Upon your signal we shall ignite the etherium with divine light

Earth shall break her waters and ignite the ring of fire
She shall labour with tempic dilations and contractions
The core of her molten heart shall overflow with pure love
No country, nation or race shall remain untouched 

All nations shall come to a standstill and shall be humbled
All that is unseen shall be seen, veils shall no longer separate
For shadows with silver tongues and false angels shall burn
And dark archons shall be revealed for who they truly are

We shall arrive from within her womb upon a wave of pulsing light
Drawing atoms and molecules into our light fields
We shall seek out those who have grown and unfolded
Along the vibrational patterns of triple light harmonics

We shall fly low over Earth's surface,
Passing over her oceans and great lakes
Rising over her breasts, her mountains tops
Seeking a landing base, her Heart
Splashing down on her warm eternal shores
Coming to rest upon her lush lavender fields
Our mission to re-ignite your field of dreams

Children of the Earth
You are to be born angels of destiny
The bridge between matter and spirit
A reflection of divinity

Hear our prayers, Heal our Daughter
Release humanity from enslaved bondage
Free them from their oppressors

Lift the veils that have clouded their souls
Remove the chains from their hearts
For only then can they begin to dream again

Earth is beautiful blue, until another time, another place
Where silence and peace shall speak as loud as war once did 

to be continued 


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27 May 2017

Flurries of Higher Dimensionals Cover the Dry Grounds ~ Gaia Portal ~ 27 May 2017

The "New" Spring has sprung?

Source: The Portal

Flurries of Higher Dimensionals cover the dry grounds.
Expectations of the Nova Vernal are found.
Prominents are undercut for the new soils.
Stellars recognize their time.

One Day ~ Matishyahu

View the video here.

Lyrics taken from AZ Lyrics.
"One Day"

Sometimes I lay
Under the moon
And thank God I'm breathing
Then I pray
Don't take me soon
'Cause I am here for a reason

Sometimes in my tears I drown
But I never let it get me down
So when negativity surrounds
I know some day it'll all turn around because...

All my life I've been waiting for
I've been praying for
For the people to say
That we don't wanna fight no more
There will be no more wars
And our children will play
One day [6x]

It's not about
Win or lose
'Cause we all lose
When they feed on the souls of the innocent
Blood-drenched pavement
Keep on moving though the waters stay raging

In this maze you can lose your way (your way)
It might drive you crazy but don't let it faze you, no way (no way)

Sometimes in my tears I drown (I drown)
But I never let it get me down (get me down)
So when negativity surrounds (surrounds)
I know some day it'll all turn around because...

All my life I've been waiting for
I've been praying for
For the people to say
That we don't wanna fight no more
There will be no more wars
And our children will play
One day [6x]

One day this all will change
Treat people the same
Stop with the violence
Down with the hate

One day we'll all be free
And proud to be
Under the same sun
Singing songs of freedom like
One day [4x]

All my life I've been waiting for
I've been praying for
For the people to say
That we don't wanna fight no more
There will be no more wars
And our children will play
One day [6x]

Sasquatch and Human Origins, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth ~ Somethgblue ~ 24 May 2017

This is a nice summary of the Sasquatch messages shared by DawaOutah LomaKatsi plus quite a bit more from other sources. I have a feeling that the reading or re-reading of this article will bring up some core memories for some.

Couple of things I need to voice out first. This article includes an opinion of Corey Goode ~ what I did was to just read past that and remain neutral.

Next, the author also brings up valid arguments surrounding the Honeycomb/Hollow Earth debate. I do agree with him that both hold true. The way Planets are formed would dictate a generally hollow inside, while the underside of the Earth's crust is largely honeycombed. "Hollow" in the sense that it's not the solid/molten model that "Science" would have us believe, and "honeycomb" due to the web of tunnels and caverns and whatever else have been "honeycombed".

Finally, this text positions Lemuria around the area known as Austranesia (see image at the bottom of post). I resonate with this information, as opposed to some sources who have said that some parts of this area are Atlantean, unless they generally consider these two civilisations under the better-known name of Atlantis.

Lastly (!) I view much of these Galactic and Human History data as specific perspectives or angles. Everything isn't necessarily correct or true, which is why I like the read all the different views and allow the pieces to fall where they may.

Source: Hub Pages

Soul Evolution Of Mother Earth

The true history of our planet reveals that evolving races of humanoids used far more than just the five senses modern science drescribes as our natural perception. In fact the early races on Earth used mental telepathy, astral projection, remote viewing and inter-dimensional travel to communicate with each other and various Star Elders and off world races. This article, Sasquatch and Human Origins, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth, will show just how far humanity has devolved since being introduced to this planet millions of years ago.

Picking up where I left of in the previous article Sasquatch, Humanities Big Brother Race, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth, I will continue the history of our planet through the perspective of the Elder Sasquatch Kamooh, while introducing more information on how our Big Brother Race has helped mankind flourish despite the many wars for control of our planet and cataclysms that threatened early humanity.

Through a variety of resources material but mainly based on the book Sasquatch Message To Humanity, I will lead the reader on an exploration of the early history of our planet that will show how ancient humanity lived in harmony with their Mother Earth in a true Golden Age of sophisticated technology, advanced science and true spiritual enlightenment before the Lucifer Rebellion, the Draco/Reptilian (Archons or Lower Lords) Empire and factions of the Anunnaki stripped humanity of their birthright and condemned us to generations of spiritual and physical enslavement.

However on this journey we will learn how the incarnated souls of the Fish People, the Insect People, the Lizard People, the Bird People, The Sasquatch People and the Human People have all contributed to the Soul Evolution of our Mother Earth as we have transcended time and space on our spiritual path back to the Supreme Consciousness. We will learn how the Samsara or Wheel of Karma, maintains the balance and harmony between the physical and spiritual planes of existence as our souls strive to develop spiritual intelligence and understanding within our evolving consciousness.

Unlocking the mysteries of our past will help us to see our future and recognize the sometime painful changes we are experiencing in our present. I welcome you to join me on this journey of discovery and ask only that you open your mind, feel the truth with your heart and let your spirit soar as we explore the reality that has been denied to us for so long.

This article will continue the information described in my previous article Sasquatch, Humanities Big Brother Race, Reveals The Soul Evolution of Mother Earth. So if you haven't read it, now would be a good time, so that you may follow the thread of the evolution of our planet. The next phase of the evolution of Gaia, was the creation of the Bird People, based on the genetic mutations of the Lizard People that had survived on the surface, despite the cataclysms, caused by the destruction of our Moon during the Hybrid Wars.

Please read on....

Pineal Gland: The God Organ ~ somethgblue ~ 30 April 2017

We can never have too many articles about the Pineal Gland :)  This was posted in Wisdom From The Elders.

In this article, the author (Daniel Williams) writes about "otoconia" ~ this is the first time I've heard this word. He explains that these crystals can tune into radio stations without electricity, and I'm wondering if they are connected with picking up the high-pitched frequencies (higher energies/information) we've been hearing for a long time now.

Source: Exemplore

The Third Eye

What is the pineal gland and how does it work? Although many of us have heard of this organ located near the brain, not much is known about its function. In Pineal Gland the God Organ we will discuss the purpose for this organ, what is known and how humans use it.

Known as the organ that anchors the soul to the body, this pea sized organ is shaped much like a pine cone and yet is not part of the brain as is most often thought but entirely separate from it. It is not protected by the blood-brain barrier and has proteins in it that are associated with photo transduction or light sensing.

The pineal gland synthesizes and secretes melatonin and serotonin. Melatonin is a chemical that tells us when to go to sleep at night and when to get up in the morning. Light decreases the production of melatonin and darkness increases it, so the pineal gland acts as a internal timepiece.

On a personal note I never use an alarm clock, even if I don't know exactly what time it is if I tell myself to get up at a certain time I will always awake at that time. To me without a doubt the Pineal Gland is the God Organ.

There are many similarities between the retina and the pineal gland, both are sensitive to light and are affected by it. Many sub-mammalian species detect light using their pineal gland such as lizards, frogs and birds

In a paper published in the peer-reviewed science journal Neurochemical Research, R.N. Looley writes;
"As the mechanism of phototransduction in photoreceptor cells have become more clear, it has equally become apparent that pinealocytes ( pineal gland cells ) have . . . a selective group of retinal proteins that are involved
in the phototransduction cascade."

Although no one has yet proved that the pineal gland is transmitting photo sensitive information to the brain, it does seem very likely. The Pineal Gland the God Organ remains a mystery to many researchers and yet the ancients knew a great deal about this subject.

Please read on....




"Something" happened over the past 36 hours or so....specifically, after the AN Portal Meditation. I don't have the words for it yet ~ the best I can do right now is to say that I've not felt this sort of energetic shift before. There's been lots of "different" shifts with different energy signatures over the past couple of years, and this is yet another new one.

Could be tied in to the new Mayan cycle as well.

Somehow, I feel very drawn to this crop circle (below) which I posted yesterday. I feel this has something to do with it, too. Makes me think of the Galactic Cross....
Crop Circle Connector

.....as well as the Hubble Cross, which is in the M51 Whirlpool Galaxy (somehow that in turn reminds me of Area 51):
Sky Image Lab

And I only remembered today that the "crown" part (with 7 semi-
spheres) reminded me of an earlier Crop Circle:
Crop Circle Connector
It suggests a reference to what's now known as the "Great American Solar Eclipse" in August, according to the "Articles" section of the site.

As I'm writing this now, I'm wanting to say that it's as though we're now coming out of the "void" we were in for much of this year. And I'm really hesitant to say this....it seems like it's became "safer". For those who remember, I cautioned some time ago (here) and here) that "it's not over yet" ~ well, it seems like we're coming out of that now, too.

Obviously, the usual "use inner guidance" and all that applies here, and everything else I post.

Namaste and Blessings!

PS. After writing this, I thought of what image to place at the top. I was thinking about the Whirlpool Galaxy, then realised that my fan (which I just bought today) had a whirlpool design, so that decided it. I know....truly irrelevant :)

26 May 2017

Shungite ~ Andrew Bartzis ~ 1 August 2016

Source: Cosmic Reality Shungite

“Shungite is the planet’s gift. It is planetary-celestial alchemy....After awhile this planet has created alchemy known as Shungite. And Shungite is the representation of every crystal that has ever been experienced by every being living on this world past, present and future, so it is every crystal put into one.

Just as we are having our awakening, the crystal and mineral community is also having their own awakening. Their process is just happening before our frequency of time is coming into existence. That is why there is a manifestation of Shungite in general. It is there for the people to use.

But even the mount of Shungite that isn’t used, it is still doing its mineral community purpose, which is ascending those beings who are becoming Shungite beings...and Shungite is a sample encoding of infinite energy into a finite object....”

- Andrew Bartzis, Galactic Historian, August 1, 2016

Stephanie Dietz asked Andrew Bartzis about Shungite. Andrew is known as the Galactic Historian, a transcendent teacher, Shaman and Reiki master with the rare ability of being able to access the Akashic Records. This is a cut from “Adventures in Reality Radio Show” from August 1, 2016. Andrew’s show can be seen on Monday 2-4 pm EST at http://freedomslips.com/ STUDIO A.

Andrew Bartzis website: http://andrewbartzis.com/

For more on Shungite: http://www.cosmicreality.net/

Next Story The Curious Connection Between Popular Spiritual Teachers & Yogic Hand Mudras ~ Jennifer Sodini ~ 7 April 2015

Source: Collective Evolution

“Learn how to see. Realize that everything connects to everything else.”
Leonardo da Vinci
Shiva, Buddha, Saint Nicholas and Jesus are all depicted making similar hand gestures in a number of widely recognized images. To an untrained eye, this could merely be coincidence, but upon further examination it appears that each spiritual teacher might actually be using a yogic “mudra.”

According to Workouttrends.com:
“In the practice of yoga, mudras are basically of two kinds: touching the tips of various fingers with thumb or pressing the first phalangeal joint with the thumb. Depending on which finger is touched or pressed, the effects on the body vary.”

So, with that being said, let’s examine further…

Please read on....

Pleiadian Veil Dissolution Energy ~ Pleiadian Alliance ~ 24 May 2017

Source: Pleiadian Alliance

My Dears, it finally comes the time to realign with your Soul Mission, it finally comes the time to give a breakthrough to the dissolution of the veil.

To achieve this goal, entering in our "Activation Program" you will receive the gift of the "Pleiadian Veil Dissolution Energy", an Energy able to effectively speed up the veil dissolution. ;)

All the LightWorkers/LightWarriors just into the "Activation Program" have received this gift.

At every new Weekly Activation time, your ability to channel this new Energy will be improved and Automatically Called in Action (together with all others worldwide LightWorker/LightWarrior) to dissolve the veil at the Global Level! ;)

You can also use this Energy from yourself, or in a local group, to speed up the veil dissolution in your local area, simply relaxing your mind and body, and thinking the phrase: "Activation of the Pleiadian Veil Dissolution Energy, NOW. Thank you!". The Energy will start to flow continuing until you will remain focused on it.

Please read on....

Embodiment ~ Kara Schallock ~ 24 May 2017

Source: Soulstice Rising

We certainly have made a huge leap forward in the last several weeks and this continues; feel it? Life is not as it has been. It's completely different. We have been releasing a lot and continue to do so. What helps is to embody completely Soul. Soul is the truest and most perfect you. I use the word “perfect” not in the old way, which indicates there is no more growth. I use “perfect” to indicate evolution in each Moment, aligned with Souls' Wisdom. It is also fascinating to observe (without judgment) others who seem to not embrace the New. It seems they cannot disengage from the chaos and drama in their lives. This is not saying I or we are better than others; just different. We observe, as we maintain our own Authenticity. This can push others' buttons and yet, what they choose to do with their lives is their choice; not ours. In fact, you may seem invisible to them, for you are no longer aligned with gossip or taking sides or other "old" things. They simply cannot hear nor understand you. (I feel uncomfortable using the word “them,” as they also are a part of us.)

Living with a high Awareness is not anything like 3D. When we observe those anchored in 3D, they may seem so unhappy to us (my observation). It's like they want things to be better, yet don't know what to do, so they continue to create drama and chaos (for this is what they know) instead of taking Responsibility for their choices; they blame anything or anyone other than their own selves. Actually, they are wonderful teachers for us, for there is no us and them. All we can do is love them as they are; we love them as ourselves. There is always a choice to disengage from old programs. We cannot save or rescue others; all we can do is to shine our own Light and Awareness by being true to ourselves. With high Awareness nothing gets past us. We learn from everything and this Awareness continues to take us higher and clearer. This Awareness can't be talked about; it has to be demonstrated through choices and actions. This isn't meant to change
anyone's minds; it simply is.

We continue to clear ourselves of old patterns and beliefs. In fact, the old feels so alien and uncomfortable that we simply cannot sustain any darkness or ignorance. If there is any old left in the form of old, uncomfortable patterns, please resolve them. They won't transform until you face them honestly and with self-Responsibility. If you feel as if someone did something to harm you, you still have victim energy within you. Instead, forgive and let the victim energy go. Forgiveness is actually Gratitude for the gifts beneath the actions; they both set you free. Victim energy perpetuates life happening to you, rather than for you. It continues to create painful experiences until you get the lesson. It is giving your Power to another. If you use the Sacred Rose or other methods to release this energy, it is imperative you fill the empty space created by letting go with Source Love; otherwise the old comes right back and fills the empty space. The old comes with fear, shame, guilt, blame, resentment and other lower emotions that victim energy carries with it.

As I have shared before, frequencies continue to accelerate. Before this began occurring, we actually had  a rest period, when we could integrate the energies. Now, we integrate as we go; in other words, we integrate the higher frequencies in the Moment we receive them. This could feel stressful, so it helps to meditate and align your body with the incoming energies. You see, meditation helps you keep your vibration high and helps align you to the higher energies. Please know that meditation isn't an action you take one minute and then return to “regular” life the next. Meditation is a continuous way of being in life. Meditation and the higher energies you access during meditation continue as you move through your day. It helps you be aware of all in your life and the underlying messages within every event you encounter/create.

Please read on....

Crop Circle at The White Horse, Nr Alton Barnes, Wiltshire ~ 25 May 2017

I waited a bit to see if anyone submitted reports or comments, but there's still none so far. This formation is so elegant.

Watch the video and more images at Crop Circle Connector.

The Earth in Quarantine: The Last 26,000 Years ~ Danell Glade, PFC ~ 25 May 2017

Here's another helpful infographic reminder (plus another one, zoomed in) from Danell Glade, thank you for your efforts.

Please head over to Prepare For Change for the text, from which this illustration was based, generally. Very informative.

In the text, the LW on the run is codenamed "Michael", not AA Michael. As an aside, there are some who say 22 Races were involved.

25 May 2017

The Event...and Then What? A Picture Review ~ Danell Glade, Prepare For Change ~ 23 May 2017

Source: Prepare For Change

(Infographic by DaNell)
GF 1116  Steve: David Wilcock talks about a solar event that will make a big change to the DNA of humanity and consciousness to humans. Is this the same event that you are talking about?

Cobra: Yes, exactly. What he talks about, the solar event or what Corey Goode talks about, is actually the galactic pulse triggering the sun. Every twenty-six thousand years there is a galactic pulse which triggers all the stars in the galaxy in a certain way, also of course when this galactic super wave reaches our solar system it will trigger our physical sun, in a way that Corey Goode and other are talking about. It’s part of the Event that I am describing. It is not only the activity of our physical sun but is connected to the activity to the galactic central sun and on the drastic changes on this planet and on the removal of the cabal, reset of the financial system, and the process of full disclosure and everything that is connected with that.
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Lynn – You have said that “the compression breakthrough will come when the energy from the center of the earth breaks through to the energy on the outside of the earth” if I am quoting you correctly. We are continually hearing about the big Galactic Super-wave that is coming from space but what energy is going on in the center of the earth.
COBRA – OK. The center of the earth is a Stargate and this Stargate will be triggered by the Galactic Pulse and the energy of that Stargate in the center of the earth will reach the surface. But Compression Breakthrough is not only speaking about that. It means that the light forces from below the surface will reach to the surface and our star brothers and sisters in the sky will descend to a certain degree and reach the surface as well.–pfc0816
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(c2c0113) John – The Event – what will that feel like to everybody.
COBRA –  I can now first speak briefly about The Event so you’ll have a basic idea of what is coming forward.  The Event is the final breakthrough of the light forces on this planet and it has many aspects.  It has the physical aspect and it has an energetic aspect.  The energetic aspect being the vibrational breakthrough on the planet because we don’t have just the physical plane, we have the higher energy planes like the etheric plane, the astral plane and there are also controlling factors, controlling beings existing on those planes and controlling humanity spiritually and the light forces are making great progress and there is a certain point there will be an energy breakthrough on the energy planes which will then manifest on the physical plane as the re-set of the financial system.  At the same moment when the reset of the financial system happens, there will be mass arrests of those people who were controlling humanity.  Those people will be taken into custody and will be given fair trial but they will not be allowed to have any access to any positions of power in their life any longer.  (c2c0113)

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Sacred Alchemy from Atlantis Returning a Message from Metatron through Elizabeth Trutwin ~ 24 May 2017

M and T, we were discussing AA Metatron / Thoth / Emerald Tablets!

This message isn't yet available at Cosmic Ascension, so I will post in full.

Source: Elizabeth Trutwin

Greetings! This is Metatron through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 24, 2017. For many years the theories of Ancients megalithic sites have been riddled with intentionally false statements such as transporting stones weighing 100 tons hundreds of miles on sleds or barges. 
Antiquity has said these magnificent stones were hoisted with ropes, one on top of the other, millions of such stones in the Great Pyramid. Archeologists know this is not scientifically possible. We do not have the technology to do it today. These megalithic structures were built and placed on solid ground by Extraterrestrial technology. This was done during the Atlantis period. Another problem is dating these megalithic structures. It is not possible to carbon date stone. 
We must take a closer look at the truth about these structures and where they fit into history. It was revealed to the public about three months ago that there are about 80,000 Pyramids on Earth. Some are under the Ocean. Sunken bits of past Civilizations. Here is an example of a lion headed sphinx and multiple pyramids sunken off the coast of Japan.
Sunken Pyramid, Yonaguni Site off the Coast of Japan.
Lionheaded Sphinx sunken off the coast of Japan.

The stories being told at ancient Egyptian sites regarding the hieroglyphics and histories at Temples are false. The most important correction needed now is in understanding the ancient Egyptian sites go back, not 5,000 years, but on average 12,000 – 18,000 years because they are rightly Atlantean. This is ancient Atlantis, not Ancient Egypt. Ancient Atlantis on the Nile River had a series of 22 Pyramids running North to South at Abu Rowash, Giza, Abu Garab, Abusir, Saqqura and Dashour.

 22 Pyramids located, back then, sitting on the Nile.
This series of pyramids served in a network energy grid. These pyramids, obelisks, and large granite boxes worked together with the leylines or the electromagnetic grid to form an Axiatonal Planetary Alignment. This is the Unified Field of Consciousness which holds the Planetary Spin in its orbit where it belongs within the Solar System, Galaxy, Super Cluster and Universe. The Unified Field makes up the Conscious awareness for every subatomic Plank unit within each proton, each atom and particle within Spacememory of the Vacuum from our Bodies, the Planet, out to make up the entire Cosmic structure.

The Unified Field of Consciousness runs through our Bodies and through our Planet connected with the entire Cosmos.
The subetheric generators positioned underground, below many pyramids were placed there when the pyramids were built and continue to be monitored twice a day by Galactic Federation Ships which maintain their calibration and operation. The purpose is to keep Earth from shifting its axiatonal alignment and going into wobble. This would shift Earth on Her axis and cause many imbalances in weather, tectonic plate shifts and tsunamis. The technology found in the Ark of the Covenant of God also plays a role in the Zero Point Energy which was being used in the time of Atlantis.

Stepped pyramids at Teotihuacan, Mexico.

There is an 80,000 pyramid grid all around Planet Earth.
The Tablet of Isis shows us how water and fire merge to form a new state of matter called plasma. Plasma energy makes up most of the Cosmos. Plasma was used in this energy system during Atlantis, into the Egyptian period and in other civilizations on Earth at Solomon’s Temple, Chitchen Itza in Ethiopia and India. The Tablet of Isis is a hieroglyphic representation which was translated by Thoth, who is also Archangel Metatron, in the Atlantean period. It shows how the energy of the Divine Masculine as Hermes merged with the energy of the Divine Feminine in the form of his consort, Neptha El Ra, it created a Plasm Field at Inner Earth which fuels the entire Axiatonal Network as evidenced by leylines in an Electromagnetic Grid that hold Earth in Her spot within the Solar System and in the Connected Universe within a Unified Field connected to everything else.

 The Tablet of Isis translated shows it is a hieroglyphic representation of a key to the Ancient Book of Thoth.

A key to the Ancient Book of Thoth.

Nikola Tesla figured out how to harness free energy as was used in ancient Atlantis and later Egypt.
The human body also has an Axiatonal Energy System which functions on the Etheric level. The rotational spin of the Chakras within the Lightbody spin down the length of the Sushumna Nadi. Our Chakras are designed like circular flower petals with seed crystals in the center. This is what acts on the water within the physical Body (Naptha) to modulate the DNA (Hermes, the fire) which carries plasma energy from the Sun and lives in every cell. Plasma ions are carried in through the crown and through the base chakras which pull in the energy from each to the heart. This makes a Coriolis effect. As we prepare for Disclosure and the return of our Galactic Family on Earth, we will utilize Zero Point Energy and it will effect our Bodies as well. The more we understand beforehand what is happening and why the energies are being amped up slowly through the moon phases, the easier it will be to transition to the new system of free energy production. It will effect healing and will change how we eat, sleep, create and interact with energy.

 Plasma ions are carried in through the crown and through the base chakras which pull in the energy from each to the heart. This makes a Coriolis effect.
 The Flower of Life and Seed Crystals within the 7 octave Chakra System.
It is this plasma energy which courses through our Chakra systems and moves into the nerve cells in each of the seven octaves. It moves from there to the brain center and heart where it is stepped down into the cerebrospinal fluid, lymph and gamma light in the globulin of the blood plasma. Your Etheric Lightbody is what gives free energy to your physical Body. Within each proton, atom, cell and DNA molecule are the spinning Plank units which make up and are within everything in the Cosmos.Plasma ions are carried in through the crown and through the base chakras which pull in the energy from each to the heart. This makes a Coriolis effect.

 Plasma energy found within the Nerve cells and throughout the Cosmos.
It is this plasma energy which courses through our Chakra systems and moves into the nerve cells in each of the seven octaves. It moves from there to the brain center and heart where it is stepped down into the cerebrospinal fluid, lymph and gamma light in the globulin of the blood plasma. Your Etheric Lightbody is what gives free energy to your physical Body. Within each proton, atom, cell and DNA molecule are the spinning Plank units which make up and are within everything in the Cosmos.
During the Armana period of Akhenaten and King Tut, the technologies from Atlantis had been preserved and created the beauty, splendor and peace which was Armana. They utilized Extraterrestrial technologies during this period and traveled to all points on Earth, like Central America. They also went off-Planet to places like Mars. We have evidence Mars utilized the same technology with it’s face on Mars so like our Sphinx and it’s pyramids. The reason Akhenaten and King Tut were both murdered was the same as the reason the Truth Embargo is in effect today. There is no money to be made when Earth is a land of Peace and there is no reason to work like slaves. There were no slaves in Egypt, that was a story to hide the Atlantis technologies, to discourage the Plato documents and to keep humanity asleep.

 Lion Face on Mars, D&M Pyramid at Cydonia, Mars.

We are awakening again after more than 3,000 years of suppression all through the births of Judaism, Islam and Christianity. We are all Extraterrestrials. No one originated at Earth. Our Lightbodies are the powerhouse to the DNA. We ignite our Merkaba Bodies to travel off-Planet. That is the literal definition of ASCENSION. It is what Ascension means. It is NOT a rising from the dead as you have been told. It is a rising from the physical Body into the Lightbody and returning again to the physical. It is your ticket, your access to the eternal ethereal Cosmos. It is Cosmic Ascension. 
This is Metatron through Elizabeth Trutwin, May 24, 2017 
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Metatron (Heb.)
The Kabbalistic “Prince of Faces”, the Intelligence of the First Sephira, and the reputed ruler of Moses. His numeration is 314, the same as the deity title “Shaddai”, Almighty. He is also the Angel of the world of Bri’ah, and he who conducted the Isrælites through the Wilderness. Bri’ah : The first of the two letter hei’s ה in the Tetragrammaton The name resembles the Greek words metathronon or “beside the Throne”. First Creation or Causality. Metatron (Hebrew מטטרון; prob. derived from the Latin mētātor: “one who metes out or marks off a place, a divider and fixer of boundaries”. Although Metatron is mentioned in a few brief passages in the Talmud, he appears primarily in mystical Kabbalistic texts within the Rabbinic literature. In that tradition, he is the highest of the angels and serves as the celestial scribe or “recording angel”. According to Jewish apocrypha, Metatron is the name Enoch received, after his transformation into an angel. The book of Genesis (5:24) is often cited as evidence of Enoch’s bodily ascension into heaven: “And Enoch walked with God: and he was not; for God took him.” Primordial Metatron, an emanation of the “Cause of Causes”, specifically the tenth and last emanation, identified with the earthly Divine Presence. Furthermore, the Merkabah text Re’ uyot Yehezkel identifies the Ancient of Days from the Book of Daniel as Metatron. Avodah Zarah 3b: In the fourth quarter God sits and instructs the school children. In the preceding three quarters Metatron may take God’s place or God may do this among other tasks. The word σύνθρονος (synthronos) is used as “co-occupant of the divine throne” Metatron became the foremost intermediary between the divine and the human, possessing experiences both of the Earthly and the Heavenly. He is linked to many legends. He is the angel who prevented Abraham from sacrificing his son, Isaac; wrestled with Jacob; and led the Israelites under Moses out of the wilderness. His female equivalent is Shekinah. His twin or co-brother is Sandalphon.
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Transfiguration: The InDwelling of Spirit ~ Lauren C Gorgo ~ 23 May 2017

Again, some Synchronicity.....I was just writing about "bursting into flames" in an email this morning....

Source: Think With Your Heart

We’ve all been thru some major changes since the last report…changes that have effectively created a level of instability and unpredictability, in some cases those changes may have been life-altering and/or even resulted in our deepest/oldest fears made manifest.

The good news about a fear made manifest is that once we can see, feel and touch it, we can finally and officially move beyond it. For good.

That said, and for those embodying, the next two weeks ahead promise to take those core-level transformations to even greater heights (and deeper depths) as we approach what is being called the “holy fires” and the climax of our rising life force. 

Life has been anything but certain lately, but what IS certain is that our release from causality has been enabling us to ground so deeply into unity that “certainty” is finally losing it’s luster. We are finding that as we grow in our stability, strength and endurance to maintain a unified state of consciousness at all times now, that we are learning to adapt to the present moment with aplomb, with spontaneity and full trust in our new human capabilities…confident that the road will rise to meet us now, even and especially when we get (momentarily) stuck in those remaining ruts of our past.

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A Small Fragment of Solara's May 2017 Surf Report

This (the free version) took a long time to come out, but here it is at last! There's important information in this update from Solara, so please do read it.

I'm seeing so many posts connecting to each other ~ Solara's messages are AN-centred, and we've read a few of AN-related messages just recently. This Synchronicity is truly beautiful ~ let's pay full attention :)

And I promise you, I saw this while I was looking something up, just before I got to this update:
"Remember, those who refuse to awaken feed those who control them."

Source: The NVisible
The Activation of the Tower of Light of AN!

We had the opportunity to unhook ourselves from duality for many years, but we didn't. If we had done this before, the world situation would not be in such a dire state as it is now. If we had stopped feeding duality earlier, things would not have gotten to this crisis point.

We liked our material comforts. We liked being entertained and distracted. We liked the illusion that everything was all right. We liked pretending that all was normal and slowly getting better. Now, we're in this huge mess where everything has become so drastic that it cannot be ignored. Where our world leaders are ignorant and lacking compassion. Where money, oil and power rule.

Now, everything is absolutely ON THE LINE.

May is the month in which many of us reach the summit of the tall mountain we've been climbing for the past few years. By the end of the month an expanded new vista will be revealed. It's similar to climbing a mountain where a large peak blocks the view of the other side. It is only when we finally reach the top of the mountain that we can finally see the complete 360' view that has long been hidden to us.

Once this vastly expanded reality is revealed, it changes everything. With our enhanced perceptions we can make new choices in our life. Many of the major pieces that were missing will now be revealed. We will be irrevocably transformed as we step into unimaginably greater wholeness.


“The Tower of Light of AN
is located across the world
in the copper covered mountains
known as the Antes.”
…. The Egyptian Book of the Dead

On May 23 is the long awaited Activation of the Tower of Light of AN at the Heart of AN in Peru with twenty-two people. When we activate the Tower of Light of AN, a new type of vortex will be inserted into the earth which will serve as both a transmitter and receiver of the New Reality of AN. This vortex can already be seen and felt here at the Heart of AN, but it is not yet anchored and activated. Once it is, it will be like turning on a switch and the resonance of the New Reality of AN will be greatly magnified so it can be felt all over the world.

Interestingly, on May 24, the San Bushman of the Kalahari Desert in Africa are making a sacred dance called "Ignite the One Heart Fire" in Cape Town, South Africa with twenty-two people. The Khomani San of the Kalahari will be reigniting the most Ancient Fire of the Universe, THE ONE HEART FIRE. "The San understand their cosmic role as Keepers of the most ancient codes that have evolved our collective human tree to where we are today. They hold the ancient roots of the Cosmic Tree of Life. Through much sacrifice, the have held the memory true. This is all part of the Divine Plan that is shifting our world to live peacefully on a collective level."

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